Welcome lvl tips

Level 11-20Edit

Welcome to the world of Altis Gates. Before you run off to explore this mystical land, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the game interface and basic controls.

You have just awoken in Welkin City and have been asked to find an NPC named Lily. Press Alt+Q or click the Quest button to open the quest menu. There you can find a description of your quest. You can click the links to move to the quest location or go directly to the NPC. The Auto Exploration system will guide you to Lily.

Once you have reached Lily, she will give you your most important companion in Altis Gates: your very first pet. After that, she will inform you that you can’t enter Altis City without a passport. You will have to find a man named Yalnos to obtain one. You can once again use the Auto Exploration system, or press Tab to open the map. To move around using the map, simply click the location on the map where you want to go, or click on the spot where your quest NPC is listed. As you complete each step of the quest, you will receive a reward.

Note: you can chat with your pet by right clicking on it. Talking to your pet may trigger all sorts of random pet events. Completing these will help improve its amity towards you. Once you have reached the Friendly and Close level, your pet can learn a powerful specialty and AP Spell. You may even be surprised by what your pet has to say sometimes. It can tickle you with humor or provoke some serious thoughts. Either way, your pet is bound to keep you entertained during the long journey ahead.

Talk to Yalnos to complete the quest “Due Paperwork.” Next he will say that you need a Recommendation. Look for Larry the Guard to obtain “The Trip to Luxus Village” quest. When you speak to Larry, you can choose whether or not to go through the combat tutorial. No matter how good you are, it never hurts to practice a little.

After you bid farewell to Larry, you will arrive at the gorgeous Begal Valley, where the air is filled with the sweet scent of ripe fruits and the sound of running streams. Despite the rustic charm, the people here look strangely grim. There is an overwhelming sense of gloom hanging over the normally peaceful valley. The village chief, Felix, may know a thing or two about what is going on.

The pet you obtained from Lily will be an important companion during your adventures. Pet cubs have higher stats than wild pets, and their talents are better. More importantly, they are able to learn all kinds of spells. These will come into handy in the future when you are trying to complete normal quests or battling boss-level creatures, so remember to take good care of your pets!

The following series of quests are available in Luxus Village: “The Trip to Luxus Village,” “Orchard Headache,” “Alan’s Pasture,” “Milk Delivered to the Ranger,” “Poisonous River,” “Poisonous Spores,” “Helpless Felix,” “River Water Sample,” “Female Alchemist,” “Retrieve Alchemy Package,” “Crystal Vial Purchase,” “Special Pollen,” “Idilssi Repays a Favor,” “Back to Luxus Village” and “Heading for Altis City.”

As you level up, remember to allocate stat points for both your character and your pet. A careful distribution of stat points will prepare you both for your future battles. You should also keep in mind the old adage “the more the merrier.” Battling in groups is definitely more fun and easier than taking on the tougher challenges alone.

After completing the Luxus Village quests, you should have reached level 10. You are now ready to accept Adventure Quests from the Adventurer Association in Altis City. These quests offer an attractive amount of experience and monetary rewards to compensate for the blood and sweat you will have to shed. But don’t worry; entry-level quests are pretty simple. They usually involve things like delivering letters. It’s worth the time to try to complete the quests available at the Adventurer Association before moving on.

Level 11-20Edit

First of all, congratulations on passing level 10. You are no longer a rookie and are ready for the real adventures that await you. If you want to survive, you will have to be more determined and motivated to succeed.

Criti Timberland and Delga’s Plains are good places for you to level up. Don’t forget to form parties with other players. This will help you earn more experience. Alternatively, you can proceed straight to the Main Quests or Adventure Quests.

After completing the initial series of Luxus Village quests, you should have obtained the Recommendation. If you haven’t done so already, head back to the city and look for Yalnos. You just need to complete some paperwork there to gain access to the City in the Clouds, Altis. Once inside, you can find the Weapons Vendor, Armor Vendor, Jewelry Vendor and the Grocer. Pay a visit to each of them and check out the items they have to offer. Then look for your corresponding trainer to improve your spells. Once you are done, go to the Adventurer Association. Talk to the lovely Falto to learn about the Adventurer Quests she has. These jobs are simple, yet pay really well. You will also see the Suppression Quest option, but those are only available after you reach level 40. By the way, do you notice that sly smile on Falto’s face? In time you will find out that she is even harder to please than the demanding Felix.

Equipment is an essential element of combat. As your strength grows, you will need to constantly upgrade your equipment. One way of getting good equipment is by customizing your items. To do this, you will need to visit the Artisan Centre in Altis City. The Weaponsmith, Armorer and Jeweler there will teach you how to create customized equipment.

Some items have level restrictions. Try not to waste perfectly good gear by throwing away items you can’t use. Instead you may want to run a stall and sell them. Not only can you earn a decent profit, you can also help provide other players with good equipment, and even make some new allies.

The development of pets depends largely on how much attention you are willing to give them. When you are not doing quests, you can spend some time taking them on excursions or having a chat with them. Your pet will appreciate your affection and will repay you by giving you a helping hand in combat.

Pets have basic stats of their own and can also learn spells. Whenever a pet’s master or a party member casts a spell in combat, there is a chance it will learn that spell. The same applies even when you fight a boss; your pet has a chance of picking up the powerful spells from bosses! Form parties, train often and complete more quests if you want to get the most out of your pet.

The Main Quests available from levels 11-20 are: “Visit the Adventurer Association,” “Test of Courage” (exclusive to Warriors), “Test of Faith” (exclusive to Mages), “Lost Scripture,” “Test of Knowledge,” “Lost Cavalier,” “Deep into the Ruins,” “True History,” “Lost Paladin,” “Search for Aurora,” “Wicked Alchemist,” “Homemade Hoops Wine,” “Shadow Gate,” “Loan Redemption,” “Secret Liaison Office,” “Real Location of the Liaison Office” and “Get Rid of Greenel.”

At Level 20, you will be able to begin taking Mystic Blade Quests.